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RAISE YOUR VIBRATION with Gregory Damato, PhD

Written by Conscious Editor

Dr. Gregory Damato has a Bachelors, Masters and a research doctorate in psychology as well as a graduate diploma in science. Dr. Damato is the creator of The SuperHero Deep Transformational Program in Costa Rica working on altering deeply held beliefs while symbiotically balancing the mind, body, spirit and emotions. His areas of expertise include adjunct therapy with sacred plant-medicine, psychedelics, live food, plant-based nutrition, holistic detoxification, human micro biome restoration, heart and brain coherence and overall mental wellbeing through the activation of the Inner SuperHero. Dr. Damato has worked with clients all over the world since 2005 via energetic medicine and deep transformation of the soul to remind us our innate power and deeper purpose which is more important now than ever before. His website is: www.thesuperheroprogram.com

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